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CSG Awarded Patent for Zero-Code Ecosystem Design

March 15, 2023

Innovation anchors leadership in powering digital B2B2X marketplaces for telecoms

B2C-style experiences with instant gratification and offer personalization are the new standards for all industries and communication service providers (CSPs) are not immune to this pressure. To lead CSPs into this new era of customer experience, CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) announced that it has been awarded a patent in the US and Australia for CSG Encompass. The platform enables telcos to expand their portfolios with products and services from partners and tap into the promise of a lucrative B2B2X market. The patent anchors CSG's position as an industry leader in B2B2X and protects its unique design for powering a frictionless user experience.

“CSPs need a catalogue-driven solution that allows flexible, scalable and repeatable collaboration across partners to capitalize on the evolving opportunities in B2B2X,” said Greg Tilton, VP Catalogue, Quote & Order, CSG. “CSG Encompass does exactly that. It allows operators to launch new services faster and seamlessly bolster their business with more personalized customer experiences for both the enterprise and consumers. To be granted this patent is a significant milestone for CSG, and we are proud to lead the industry with a solution proven to make it easier for CSPs to move beyond connectivity."

CSG Encompass allows CSPs to easily create, bundle, and launch new products and services. With CSG's patented solution, offers can be built from CSP and partner components and then quoted, ordered, and managed with zero code required. Built on TM Forum ODA and Open API standards, this technology means partnerships between CSPs and their partners can be created with zero IT integration cost. Doing so makes it easier, faster and cheaper for CSPs to offer innovative new products and services.

“Enterprises and their partners alike want to interact and transact digitally without having to make significant investments into the creation of components from multiple suppliers themselves,” said John Abraham, principal analyst, Appledore Research. “B2B2X ecosystems, which bring together digital services from several partners, are the foundation for delivering these seamless experiences. To be successful, they require an open, integrated solution that can manage the complex commerce cycles needed for CSPs to engage with a more diverse range of partners. This patent reinforces CSG’s emphasis on helping telco operators resolve the complexities of B2B2X marketplaces and capitalize on new monetization opportunities.”

Recognized as a TM Forum Catalyst finalist with the first phase of its Channel & Markets project, CSG has proven Encompass as the most effective end-to-end platform to solve the B2B2X zero-touch challenge. The second phase now tests some proposed enhancements to API standards and will be showcased during DTW Asia 2023. From the outset, CSG has been a significant contributor to the MEF SONATA SDK and TM Forum Open APIs. This patent is a testament to CSG's commitment to advancing the industry and enabling CSPs to use these standards effectively and successfully to thrive in the digital economy and beyond.

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